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Access Softek Toolchains’ Story

Access Softek Toolchains is an active contributor and a partner of the open source compiler technology ecosystem – the LLVM Project.

From early on in LLVM’s origins, we have worked on a number of projects such as a front-end compiler, back-end code generation and optimization, linkers and code instrumentation.

We host the LLVM Lab in our office in Berkeley, California and manage the continued integration (LLVM buildbot) for all projects under the LLVM umbrella.

We also help our customers to drive adoption of the LLVM infrastructure and get the best possible software development tools.

We have been involved in the creation and maintenance of compiler toolchains for many different targets. Some, like ARM, are common now, and some are still quite unique in the areas of microcontrollers, SoCs and DSPs.

Currently we have a full stack engineering team of 20+ compiler developers, 4 code owners and 1 of our people is on the LLVM foundation board.

Our Clients

From Tech Startups to Semiconductor Giants

Access Softek Toolchains collaborated with dozens of technology partners from Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Sony and Nintendo.

We’d like to be able to tell you more about our clients and projects, but it wouldn’t make them happy.

While NDAs restrict our ability to provide more details, we can tell that our work on LLVM allowed the companies to replace their previous technology with superior solutions, resulting in improvements for tens of thousands of developers.

Watch this video from the LLVM Developers’ Meeting where one of our clients, Nintendo, share how they converted from using proprietary tools and libraries to the LLVM-based developer toolchain:

Contact Us

Let’s Get in Touch

We work with companies ranging from technology startups to leaders in the semiconductor industry. Our main scope of services includes:

  • Developing and porting compiler toolchains based on Clang and LLVM
  • Porting system libraries
  • Representing and maintaining custom targets for the LLVM community
  • Porting or developing tools for code analysis and instrumentation
  • Extending existing LLVM tools for custom targets

For any inquiries, please contact us at:

Email: compiler-toolchains@accesssoftek.com
Phone: (510) 898-7606
Address: 727 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94710-2229